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Nothing is good or bad in this world. It is our mind which makes the things good or bad. Ignorant mind is the root cause of our day to day problem and all our sorrows. This is the mind which plays the role of villain in our life and traps us in the vicious cycle of duality like birth and death. Mind is the driver of our body, senses, chitta, emotions, ego and all our actions.
Yoga is the only way in this world which gives you the way to control and rule over your mind. It gives one insight, knowledge,wisdom and ultimately makes one reach at the state of no mind which is the highest state of mind and personality. Kaushal yog is a traditional school of yoga which gives step by step guidance to resolve the problem, grief and sorrows at every personality level. It provides required technique, skill, efficiency and wisdom to reach at the highest state of yoga which is called self- realization, moksha, kaivalya or liberation.

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Join the school of Kaushal Yog to get free from all your sufferings. Get sound physical health,equanimity of mind, emotional balance and spiritual upliftment.

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General classes

Learn ancient traditional and moderate yogic poses and techniques to get sound physical and mental health.

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Meditation classes

The supreme aim of human life is to get control on one's mind and destiny. Kaushal Yog techniques helps to conquer your mind and to channelise it for self-realization and social upliftment.

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Teacher training program

Kaushal Yog has designed various teachers training program for students. It has got accreditation to run yoga teachers training program from NIOS run by HRD ministry, government of India.

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Wellness classes

Kaushal Yog has designed short yogic capsules to cure all
physical and mental

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Why Kaushal Yog teacher training in Delhi

  • Kaushal Yog (yoga) is an internationally acclaimed school of yoga. It is one of the best yoga school of India. Get the opportunity to have a direct guidance of Acharya Kaushal Kumar, the founder of this school of thought, who has more than thirty years of yoga teaching experience.
  • The yoga teacher training program (YTTP) designed by Kaushal Yog is aimed to make the students not only the best and skilled yoga teacher but also the best human being whose only presence is good for positive change in the society.
  • Our YTTP teachings focus not only the body but also mind, intellect and emotions. More importantly it provides their students the way of inner change and personality development. In brief, it helps students to reach at highest state of mind.
  • Our YTTP teachings not only teaches practically but we give the best philosophical and theoretical knowledge of our ancient traditional yoga texts like Yoga sutra of Patanjali, Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads, Indian philosophies, hath yoga texts like Hath Pradipika and Gherand Samhita.
  • Our YTTP teachings gives vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Apart from this, special emphasis is given to make students know the impact of yogic asanas, pranayams and meditation on human body and mind. So that they can know it's scientific impact.

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