About Us

We all are caught in the vicious cycle of problems and distress. All material progress and science advancements could not overcome our problems rather they aggravated it. Physical diseases, stress, anxiety, anxiety, discontentment, greed, irritation, fear of old age and death, relationship issues etc are giving us displeasure and sleepless nights.
   The root cause of these problems lie within us that is our ignorance. Our life is the combination of inert nature and consciousness. Sadly, we give much importance to the things of inert nature like money, wealth, post and respect etc. These things are transient, impermanent and perishable. Change is their nature. While  ignoring spiritual aspect of life morality, ethics, love and self realization which are intransigent and give permanent contentment and peace of mind.
   Yog, a inner and spiritual science give us the power of wisdom and knowledge, through which we can sail through this worldly circle successfully.
   We give our whole life to control others. This leads to clashes, conflicts and contradictions. It is impossible to control others. No one could it till now. The only thing in this world which can be fully controlled is our own mind. Sadly, we don't think over it whole life. To control our own mind and self is the highest pursuit of human kind. It is most pious thing in this world. It enables us to come out of the shackles of all bondages and achieve full liberation. Interestingly Yog gives you the moderate and balanced way of life.
"Kaushal Yog" is a  movement of Yog propogation. It is established under the leadership of  Acharya Kaushal Kumar, a prominent Yog Guru. He is a great scholar, practitioner. A true  visionary and spiritual legend. He has written many books on yoga and devoted his whole life for the service of humanity. He is an enlightened soul. His philosophy is- 'to help humanity to get evolved is the real service of humanity.